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6 months part time certificate course in DESIGN INNOVATION (Aug 2023)

Many things are happening around us and in the world as well, but innovation is the key factor to take the whole world for development and fortune. Innovation can be practiced in any discipline, yes its a practice; in very simple words never-ending efforts to digged out a solution of simple to complicated problems. It has the ability to benefit almost every individual; for which it is required to make this applicable and learning the innovation is the key to contribute for better tommarow as it gives us opportunity for developing the solutions for many problems.


As a response from the academics, the Design Innovation Centre is dermined to motivate and nurture the youngster competent for practicing the design innovation. It is very simple, it doesn’t matter that from which discipline you belongs; what’s matter that is how you can perceive innovation in your discipline centric practices. You would be able to learn this through the courses of Design Innovation Centre Banaras Hindu University (DIC BHU). DIC BHU is running two different courses first is Six Months Certificate in Design Innovation and second is of two months for Interactive Web and Mobile Application Development, these are truly value added for you. Throught Six months course you will learn how to do Innovation i.e. new product or sevice ideation, transforming the ideas into a prototype and finally translating the prototypes into a marketable products. Similarly in the two months course the key focus will be to identify new ideas for introducing the new web or mobile application platform.

The followings are key considerations to getting enrolled in these courses:
1. Design innovation supports creativity
2. Innovative design is important for the development
3. Innovative design solves problems
4. Innovative designers are in high demand

More than ever, businesses understand the importance of innovation and design. In some industries, like big tech, these skills are crucial to a company’s short-term stability and long-term survival. As a result, graduates from design programs with a focus on innovation are in high demand, and the most creative of them all can earn big salaries and make significant contributions to the world around them.

Design innovation is no longer a luxury for many companies. Instead, it has become a necessity as innovative designers are being pointed out as the new CEOs.
Design innovators have always found practical solutions to contemporary problems, but the next few generations of creatives will need to find answers to questions that we never knew existed.

Design Innovation Centre, Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University is inviting applications for 6 month part-time certificate course in DESIGN INNOVATION.
The Course Fee: 7500/- for 6 months + ( 2500 Regular Fee approx)

The Classes will be run purely in Offline mode. Preference is given to BHU students.

Kindly submit your form latest by 31st Aug 2023, 23.59 hrs.

For more information please refer to-

For the online application, you will register through

Six months Certificate course in “Design Innovation”  – Course Syllabus




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