The National Design Innovation Network

The National Design Innovation Network (NDIN) is envisaged as a network of design schools that would work closely with other leading institutions of industry, academia, NGOs and government to further the reach and access to design education, and would be open for interaction with the general public. Students would be able to use this Network to access other academic disciplines, industry and policy making bodies to broaden the scope of their university education and go beyond the limitations of their prescribed curricula. For example, a student of textile design with interest in animation film school to learn the fundamentals of animation or an exhibition design student could actively pursue his/her passion for history by jointly engaging with students of history from Jawaharlal Nehru University in co-creating an exhibition space on Indian folk music traditions.

Design school would use NDIN to work in collaborative, multi disciplinary teams along with other academic institutions, to bring multiple perspectives and skills to bears on a problem, thereby creating the conditions for innovative design solutions. As this process is adopted in more institutions across the country, we hope that the incremental multiple effect will result in massive social impact, by encouraging broad-based design innovation in areas addressing the many challenges facing India today. ODS and NDIN will leverage the National Knowledge Network (NKN) to connect various design academic, research and governmental organizations and individuals to build a virtual community of design experts, resources and new business model for the future.