Design and Characterization of salinity tolerant phosphet solubilizing microbial inoculants for managing phosphorus availability in agricultural soils

  • Project Start Date


  • Timeline

    1 Year

Brief Description of Project
  • Characterization of microbial isolates from salt affected soils for salinity tolerance, growth behavior and salinity tolerance.
  • Bioformulation preparation of the salinity tolerant phosphate solubilizing microbes characterized using novel carrier material.
  • Preparation of single culture bioformualtion as well as bioformulations having consortia of different microbial isolates.
  • Development of a prototype carrier material using biowaste material suitable for several types of
  1. Current Status
  • Screening of Trichoderma isolates for phosphate solubilization on Pikovskaya agar media.
  • Screening of Trichoderma isolates for salinity tolerance and acid production on Pikovskaya agar media amended with bromocresol purple and various levels of salt.
  • Compatibility testing between the Trichoderma
  • Quantification of phosphate solubilization by three isolates of Trichoderma challenged with two levels of salinity.
  • Generation of mass culture of three isolates of Trichoderma for preparing the formulation to be applied.
  • Bioformualtion ready for field application.
  • Prototype carrier material.