Development of waste heat recovery system with TEG and PCM for electrical applications

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• The purpose of WHR system is to potentially reduce the fuel consumption of automobiles and consequently reduce CO2 emissions and running costs.
• Advance WHR system with TEG/PCM is a promising option for environmentally safe and green technology.

Special features

• Control of exhaust gas at inlet condition with modify exhaust system to assess the performance of TEG: Output voltages, temperature profile, power output
• Use of nano additive in PCM thermal storage assembled with this system enhanced the output performance.
• Potential application in the direct exchange of waste-heat energy from motorcycle/ automobiles for energy harvesting.


• A maximum of 23.38 watt of power output is obtained at maximum load of 7.6 kg with exhaust gas temperature of 208 °C, this power generation can further be increased if we increase the exhaust gas temperature.
• Also, maximum of 8.76% of conversion efficiency is obtained at maximum load of 7.6 kg, which further tell us that there is a significant heat recovery we are doing for this vehicle mounted ATEG.


• Exhaust heat exchanger: Dimension: 0.33 X 0.295 X 0.025 m, Material: Aluminum, Thickness: 0.003 m
• TEG: Model No. TEP-1-1264-1.5, Max hot side Temp.: 3300C, Max Voc: 9.4 Volts, Dimension:
0.040 X 0.040 m
• Pump: Magnetic type, Max head: 5 m , Max flow rate : 1800 LPH
• Flowmeter: Digital type, 0-10 LPM (± 0.1 LPM)
• Thermocouple: K type (± 0.1 0C)

Expected benefits & Applications

• Improved overall efficiency of the system
• Reduced fossil dependence
• Reduced operation cost
• Meet stringent emission norms.
• Application in automobiles exhaust system.