DIC Meetup 2018

All India DICs Meetup 2018, Friday 9th to Saturday 10th February 2018…


  • date


  • location

    Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts BHU

  • time

    9 AM to 5 PM

All India DIC Meetup was a platform for the interaction and sharing information of their progress, development, achievement & future plan. All seventeen DICs including Host DIC BHU & IIT (BHU) has participated along with their SPOKES.


Meetup was two day events conducts between 9th February & 10th February 2018 on day one Inaugural function was felicitated by Prof. P.V.M. Rao -IIT Delhi, Prof. Nina Sabnani-IIT Bombay and Prof. B. Gurumoorthy-IISC Bangalore presided by Prof. Rajiv Sangal, Director IIT (BHU) furthers events had followed by presentation, exhibition and demonstration of all seventeen DIC’s simultaneously for next two days. In the event, 146 Participants were participated in which 72 faculty members & 74 students had presented 124 Poster and 82 Prototype in physical and virtual form to showcase their development, achievement working areas and upcoming.

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