Visit to toy cluster in Khojwa Varanasi for design and technological intervention

A team of IIT (BHU) comprising of DIC coordinator Dr. Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai (Mechanical Engg.), Dr. S. K. Singh (Electrical Engg.), Dr. Amit Tyagi (Mechanical Engg.) and Dr. Meghanshu Vashista (Mechanical Engg.) visited the toy manufacturing workshop at Khojwa, Varanasi on 29th January 2022. The technical experts of IIT (BHU) critically examined the manufacturing process of toy manufacturing work. The expert team identified the problems associated with manufacturing of wooden toys to improve their quality and to satisfy the need of modernization for attracting the customers. Sh. Rameshwer Singh also discussed the difficulties in increasing the production of wooden toys at mass level and emphasized the necessity of involvement of more and more people to learn this ancient culture of making of wooden toys. The IIT (BHU) expert team assured Sh. Rameshwer Singh that they will integrate their technical skills to resolve the problems associated in manufacturing of wooden toys and suggest the ways to increase the more participation of people in this manufacturing process as well enhance the selling of wooden toys.


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