The staff of DIC visited the cluster, observed the technology of the process.

Varanasi has, since times immemorial, been hailed as a premier centre for Art, craft, music,

A team of professors from the Department of Ceramic Engineering visited visit Nizamabad (District: Azamgarh, State: Uttar Pradesh) for meeting the artisans working on black pottery. Dr. Santanu Das, Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad, Dr. A. K. Dubey, and Dr. P. K. Roy along with the staff of DIC visited the cluster, observed the technology of the process and had a fruitful dialog with the artisans. The team found the following areas of technological interventions:-

  1. Looking for good quality and availability of soil
  2. Low-cost technology to improve the productivity
  3. Need proper marketing prospect
  4. Scaling-up the capacity

Rural India has access to most of the basic raw materials of ceramics, however, they are lacking in expertise, knowledge, and scientific know-hows. Thus, the objective of this cluster-visit is to impart specialized technical skills in rural people and create rural entrepreneurs with expertise in scalable ceramic processing technologies, knowledge, and training for developing profitable business organizations in various sectors of rural Uttar Pradesh and finally in India.

The teams decided to help the cluster by teaching them about the modern processes and technology, showing them some modern equipment and describe about working principle after calling them to the Department of Ceramic Engineering and to help them for certification courses


DIC, I.I.T.(BHU) and the institute is thus committed to stand firm with the artisans working on these art forms. Following concrete steps would be taken by the institute in this regards

It has been planned to invite the artisans to the institute and show them the modern tools and equipment that can be of use to them.

Students of the institute would be encouraged to taken up small projects that can technological help the artisans in solving the challenges faced by them.

An art fair can also be planned (if cleared by the Institutes Covid task force) where the faculty members can freely meet with the artisans, appreciate their art forms and direct their technological knowhow to helping the talented artisans of Varanasi.



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    Nizamabad , Azamgarh,

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