A Prototype Bioreactor for Kitchen Waste Disposal

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    1 Year

A Prototype Bioreactor for Kitchen Waste Disposal
  • To Modify, design and develop previous developed prototype in customize form.
  • To install and assemble mini prototype in BHU Campus of inoculation bacteria strains isolates from previous year.
  • To get feedback of installed mini prototype after inculating bacterial strains.
  • To get the bacterial strains16sr RNA sequenced for molecular identification of superior active strain already screened.



We are having all those bacterial strains described I hour report. Now intending to adopt a site in any university hostel for its use. I have already talked to university engineer Mr. Banarjee to help in making a prototype in the hostel/ at any site suggested by DIC coordinator. Two M. Sc Applied Microbiology and two outside B. Tech students were involved and trained in this work.