Accelerated Tooth Movement (Wilcodontics) Novel Electrical Method

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Usually orthodontic treatment requires a long duration of 2 years, which possesses high risk of caries, gingival diseases, external root resorption and decreased patient compliance. Therefore accelerated tooth movement is desirable for its multiple potential benefits, which includes shorter treatment duration, reduced side effects, enhanced envelop of tooth movement. Piezoelectricity is a phenomenon in which deformation of the crystal structure produces a flow of current. Similar phenomena occur in bony structure when external mechanical force is applied, piezoelectric current is generated, which activates the biochemical mediators for bone formation and resorbtion such as OPG & RANKEL etc. Addition of artificial piezoelectric current by application of micro milli Ampere DC current along with mechanical force can potentiate the rate of tooth movement by considerable amount. This device if proved successful will not only be beneficial in field of orthodontics but will prove beneficial in field of orthopedics in terms of bone healing and redirecting bone growth.


A Novel Micro Electrical Device Which Can Modulate Bone Remodeling At Cellular Level