Developing Indigenous Microbial Based Remediation Package for pesticide contaminated soil

  • Project Start Date

  • Timeline

    1 Year

Brief Description of Project
  • Isolation, Purification and tolerance analysis of promising microbial isolate from lindane contaminated soil
  • Biochemical, molecular and compatibility analysis of promising isolate for developing effective consortia
  • Evaluating the effect of consortia for enhancing the performance of candidate plant species for phytoremediation of lindane

Developing integrative remediation packages for onsite remediation of lindane contaminated soil

  • Enhancing the microbial efficiency of lindane contaminated soil remediation as the microorganisms in consortia will complement each other and show synergistic effect on the remediation properties.
  • Improving the phytoremedation potential of candidate plant growth promoting microorganisms present in the consortia will enhance the plant growth and health thus increasing the phytoremediation of lindane.
  • Increase in plant growth will also improve the root architecture increasing the rate of root exudation which will subsequently enhance the microbial activity in the rhizosphere. Increase microbial activity will also enhance the rhizodegradation of lindane and further improve the soil fertility.