Development of EMG controlled prosthetic hand

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    6 month

Development of EMG controlled prosthetic hand

Myoelectric Hands with a number of features and functionalities are available in overseas market but main problem is their excessive high cost. Amputees residing in developing countries like India cannot afford such type of hands. In this work a low-cost EMG controlled prosthetic hand was developed for transradial amputees. In which highly sensitive, low-power, portable sensor was designed for capturing clear surface Electromyography (sEMG) signal from residual muscle of forearm with sufficient amplitude for different arm movements. The captured signal using  the designed sensor was used for generation of control signals via microcontroller to drive servomotor mechanically linked with the indigenously 3D printed hand. The developed prosthetic hand was successfully tested for amputees with missing lower forearm and was able to grasp various objects in order to fulfill their basic needs.