Effective necrosis of tumour using multi-hole nozzle in cryospray

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• Increase the lateral spread as compared to the penetration depth. Enhance the efficacy of the process.
• Achieve maximum necrosis of the infected tissue without affecting its healthy counterpart.

Results and Discussion
Conclusion and future work

• Multi-hole nozzle has significant effect in increasing the lateral spread of the spray.
• Experimental results discussed above will serve as a benchmark for comparing the simulation results.
• More experiments are required to be conducted in order to analyse the impact of various nozzle parameters on the necrotic zone.


• Filed a provisional patent with Ref No. P.1772.IN with title “ An improved nozzle assembly for uniform fluid delivery”
• A paper is accepted for presentation in IHMTC 2019 which is going to be held at IIT Roorkee.