IoT Based Child Safety Device

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    6 month

IoT Based Child Safety Device

The purpose of this device is to help parents locate their children with ease. The parent can request data from Raspberry Pi for the “LOCATION”, “TEMPERATURE”, “SOS LIGHT”, “BUZZ”, etc., the wearable device will reply back with a text containing the real-time accurate location of the child which upon tapping will provide directions to the child’s location on google maps app and will also provide the temperature of the child. The secondary measure used in this project is the people present in the surrounding of the child who could instantly react for the child’s safety till the parents arrive or they could contact the parents and help locate them. The secondary measure implemented was using a bright SOS Light and distress alarm buzzer present on the wearable device which when activated by the parents via SMS text should display the SOS signal brightly and sound an alarm which a bystander can easily spot as a sign of distress. Hence this project aims at providing parents with a sense of security for their child in today’s time.


We have successfully designed and demonstrated the prototype.