Power Shoes

  • Project Start Date


  • Timeline

    6 month

Brief Description of Project

In this project, our aim is to develop a piezoelectric generator that can produce energy from vibration and pressure. This project describes the use of piezoelectric materials in order to harvest energy from people walking vibration for generating and accumulating the energy. This project also represents a footstep of piezoelectric energy harvesting model which is cost effective and easy to implement. When a person walks, the pressure is exerted on the ground and this pressure can be converted into electrical energy and it can be used to power electronic devices. In this project, a Mobile charging system is designed. A piezoelectric sensor is placed in the shoe and the power that is generated by the piezoelectric sensor when a person walks are transferred to the device for its charging.


Designed the power shoes which could benefit hikers that needs emergency location devices on beacons.