Reacter Prototype for dye removal by using magnetic nano-photocatalyst for small dyeing houses

  • Project Start Date


  • Timeline

    6 month

Brief Description of Project
  • To prepare magnetic nano-photocatalysts and its characterization for dye removal from industrial water.
  • Application of characterized magnetic nano-photocatalyst in industrial sample.
  • To design a prototype of bioreactor with efficient dye removal efficiency.
  • Decentralized field testing of developed bioreactor in small (individual) dyeing unit of Varanasi.

Developing a low cost working photo-reactor prototype for efficient dye removal using Magnetic Nanoparticles as a catalyst.

  • The photochemical degradation will be carried out in a photocatalytic batch reactor of workable volume of 20 litres, constructed at laboratory scale.
  • The light source or the artificial solar radiation were provided by four incandescent light bulb (100 W) of luminous efficacy 15 lm/W each, positioned parallel to the reactor.
  • In field condition, the light source would be replaced by natural solar radiation.
  • The setup also consists of motorised stirrer for continuous homogenise mixing of dye effluents with nanoparticles (Fig. no. 1- attached in the folder).

After reaction electromagnetism will be applied in order to settle dispersed nanoparticles.