Study on the bioactivity of silicon in plants and human health

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  • Timeline

    6 month

Brief Description of Project

Silicon acts as versatile player both in plants and human health. It helps plants to adapt under various abiotic and biotic stresses by regulating different mechanisms. Due to oxidative stress conditions plants up-regulates some of antioxidant enzymes and prevent formation of reactive oxygen species. Thereby, allowing plants to sustain healthily under adverse conditions. Now days chemical pesticides are deadly harmful for both plants and human health. Therefore, measures have to be taken in order to alleviate the toxic nature of pesticides. Although some measures are being taken to prevent harmful effects of these chemical stressors. But the measures are mostly physical in nature and very less work has been done on biological mode of protection. Si helps in proper growth and development of plants. Further, silicon has key role in structural and functional activities in human health. Si is abundantly present in connective tissues like bone matrix formation, provides glowing and healthy skin. Deliverables of the project will be production of large amount of biogenic silicon from different plants when consumed by humans for cure of many diseases like osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders.