Wearable Obstacle Avoidance Electronic Travel Aid for Visually Impaired using Vibrotactile Haptic and Audio Feedback

  • Project Start Date


  • Timeline

    6 month

Brief Description of Project

This project proposes a wearable device for obstacle detection and avoidance, specifically for visually impaired people. The wearable device consists of an ultrasonic sensor for detection of objects directly in front of the user from waist level to the ground level and vibrating mini motor discs that alert via haptic vibrotactile feedback. Haptic communication recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. The proposed device will be interfaced to a smartphone application via a Bluetooth connection.

The proposed device will be connected to an android application via the Bluetooth connection which will help the person set the source and destination. The hardware module will consist of vibration motor offering haptic feedback and the ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection. This device will improve the mobility as well as the safety of visually impaired people, especially in unfamiliar environments.

Use of white can is still mandatory with this device for awareness to the public, better safety, and a backup, in case the system fails due to any unexpected error.