Rural Innovation Centre

Project PI: Prof. Anupam Dikshit

Project Start: 08/08/2001

Timeline: 3 Year

Ornamental Fish Farming

Project PI: Aman Mishra

Project Start: 22/07/2017

Timeline: 3 Month

Lab scale designing of UASB followed by column filtration for treatment of municipal sewage water generated in Allahabad city

Project PI: Dr. Kumar Suranjit Prasad [Teachers Project]

Project Start: 01/07/2017

Timeline: 6 month

Rural sanitation and livelihood project on sanitary napkins

Project PI: Anjali Yadav

Project Start: 13/07/2017

Timeline: 3 Month

Innovation in Mushroom Cultivation

Project PI: Shivam Kesarwani

Project Start: 13/07/2017

Timeline: 4 Month

Bird Conservation

Project PI: Sarvesh Kushwaha

Project Start: 13/07/2017

Timeline: 1 Month

Solar Bottle Bulb

Project PI: Astha Srivastava

Project Start: 05/07/2017

Timeline: 2 Month